Peter Hess – Sound Massage

Enjoy deep relaxation and absolute blissfulness while listening and feeling the sounds and vibrations of the Singing Bowls in a fully clothed massage.

This higher frequency experience can enhance your body awareness while it stimulates and enhances your self-healing powers.

Full body:             please allow min. 80 min for session
Front or back:      please allow min. 50 min for session


 Sound Meditation

soundwaves_bowl_webGuided by voice and carried by Singing Bowls you can go on an inner journey to release fears, define goals or to open the body and mind to new possibilities.

Individual or group sessions avail.

Please allow min. 30 min for session


 Sound Bath

Relax and enjoy a private 30 min Sound Bath.

Let the sounds of the Singing Bowls, Koshi Wind Chimes, Hapi Drum, Gong and Native Drum carry you while your mind takes you on a journey of relaxation. Nothing can relax you as deeply as these sounds.

Individual or group sessions avail.

Something special for your event! Ask about what we can offer


 Specialized Kinesiology

Treat your body to a full energy assessment using Muscle Testing to determine where the challenges and
shifts in the energy field are located.


A Touch for Health balance will assess the function and ability of muscles to coordinate, provide strength and
flexibility to overall movement.

A Qi YINtegration™ assessment can provide a picture of the energy flows within the body and surrounding it.
Challenges and restrictions will be traced back to their origins. Movement sequences are then used to balance the body and open the energy pathways.

Frequency Kinesiology combines the Sound Instruments with a frequency assessment to balance the energy field and support an increased frequency in the body for restoring balance and flow.

Enhancements for home may be shared if needed.

Up to 75 min per session


 Self Care with Frequency Kinesiology Workshopsself care

This workshop will introduce you to different energy systems like Meridians, Chakras, Auras, and Hara Line, that feed your body and rejuvenate you. With hands on experience, you will learn how to assess your energy field with Muscle
Testing and then use Singing Bowl, Koshi Wind Chime, Fen Gong, Hapi Steel Drum, and/or Native Drum within your energy field to transform any challenges discovered. These instruments can be found in Sound Therapy and are used in the Sound Massage.

Email to find out about attending or hosting one of these workshops.